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You Can be that Guy in the Room Surrounded by Adoring Women Fans



If you are looking for the Tao of Badass to make women fawn all over you, it is not as hard as you may think. No matter where you are at a bar, a party, or just a small get together, there is always one guy who is surrounded by a hiram of women. They are all gathered around him, waiting on his every word, smiling adoringly at him. To most guys they appear to be nothing special, but to girls they have figured out the Tao of Badass. The Tao of Badass has been taken by the guy who understands what makes women tick and what will make their heart melt.





If you are looking for the Tao of Badass, there are some pretty simple rules to follow. The first one is to be sincere. If you are speaking to a woman and she gets just a hint of fake or phony, your entire facade will evaporate. A woman loves a man who can pour their heart out. Not in the way where they are crying on her shoulder, just the opposite. They love a guy who can feel emotion, and appreciate things around them. A woman loves a guy who loves his mother, and his family, being open and honest about your emotions is the best way to get into her heart.





When you are with a woman she wants to think that she is the most beautiful woman in the room. Many women know that they are neither the most beautiful, or the most interesting, but if you make them feel like a princess, they will never want to leave your side. When with a woman don’t ever sideway glance at another woman, she should be the only woman in the room. Gaze at her and give her your undivided attention. Making them feel one of a kind is the way of winning her heart forever.



Although it is okay to act hard to get, don’t be aloof. There are girls that you will attract by denying them attention, but those are usually the ones that have Daddy issues, and maybe the ones that you should avoid. It is alright to be slightly evasive, but pretending you don’t care will only attract the crazies, or will turn the ones with a good head on their shoulder off. Being somewhere in the middle, not too needy, but not so dependent you don’t care about them, is the best way to be “the man”.





Open doors and treat her like a lady. No, girls do not like to be treated like one of the guys. Chivalry is all but dead and gone, but it shouldn’t be. An opened door, ordering for her, or waiting for her with an umbrella, are all things that girls still adore and will set you apart from the other guys on the block. Women may want to be equal when it comes to promotion and pay, but they will enjoy when a guy cares enough to pay for their meal. 



Much love,

Relonda M